Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by my site. I love art, I love people and I love sharing my art with people. I truly hope you see something that you connect with or that reminds you of something and takes you back to that moment, perhaps being a moment in your healing, growth and processing. Or maybe you are able to go back to a beautiful time in your life or a part of your self and have a moment of pure joy.

My art is truly my insides put outside into the world as they’re put onto canvas. Sometimes reckless, sometimes timid. Sometimes bright and happy with big round brushstrokes while other times darker colors with harsher lines and movement. Always filled with emotion. And always beautiful based on their authenticity and emotive quality. I hope you can find something you connect with.

With love, Jess.

Meet Jess

Jessica has always had an insatiable need to create and a desire to connect. As a self-taught artist, her process is very intuitive and emotionally driven; with music, movement, and other art forms lending inspiration. By using a wide variety of media, she seeks to express abstract emotions that she doesn’t quite have the words for. Jessica thrives off collaboration and energy from others, making commissions a strong point for the artist, tailoring each piece both aesthetically and emotionally.

As Agnes Martin once said, ‘We have a tremendous range of abstract feelings, but we don’t pay any attention to them. From music people accept pure emotion, but from art they demand explanation.’​ Jessica hopes people can view her work in emotional terms, letting it serve as a key to within and letting the beauty not be in the painting, but in the viewer’s mind.

Jessica’s career is ascending quickly, garnering attention from galleries, firms and decorator’s globally.

Contact jessicabushart@gmail.com for available work, commissions and inquiries

On a personal note and from Jess –

In my spare time…

my favorite thing to do is to spend time with my 9 year old son, Tegan. It’s always just been him and I so we have an incredibly special bond that I’m so grateful for. He truly is my heart, my joy and my reason for it all. Tegan has been painting with me since he was was a young toddler so it’s always been something I’ve cherished that we do together. He is a budding artist with an exceptional eye and a confidence that I wish I had at his age!

Fun fact: though my art signature may look like a letter M, a crown, or a scribble, what it actually signifies is the image on the heartbeat monitor of Tegan’s little heartbeat that I would stare at as I listened in unison to the little thump of the beating while I was in the hospital briefly while pregnant as this spunky little guy tried to come out early. I carry his heart with me wherever I go so it only felt fitting to sign my art with it. I know I put a little piece of him into every piece I create. Hopefully one day you’ll be lucky enough to meet him. He’s a force to be reckoned with and has enough empathy to light up the world.

Portfolio & Experience

Jessica Bush | Atlanta, Georgia



Muse & Co Fine Art (Roswell, GA) 2017 – current

Loupe Art (Loupeart.com) 2017 – current

Clara Arts NY (Jersey City, NY) 2017 – 2018

Modify Homes (Atlanta, GA) 2018 – 2019

Anne O Art (Shops of Buckhead) 2017 – 2018

Flat Space Art (Notting Hill, UK) 2017 – 2018

Other notable partnerships

SOHO Myriad



L+M Development Partners (NYC)


2017 (Jan) Group Show, Muse & Co. Fine Art

2017 (Feb) Group Show, Muse & Co. Fine Art

2017 (April – June) Group Show, Muse & Co.

2017 (May-June) Group Show, Anne O Art, “Journeying”

2017 Group Show, Flatspace Art, London, UK

2017 (July – Sept) Anne O Art, Group Show, “Be Still”

2017 (Sept – Oct ) Group Show, Clara Arts, NY, “Tranquility in Retrograde”

2017 (Online) JBA + Artsy.net

2017 (Oct – Feb 2018) Anne O Art, Group Show, “The Majesty of Trees”

2018 Group Show, Muse & Co. Fine Art

2018 Group Show, Modify Homes

2018 Group Show, Muse & Co. Fine Art

2018 (Online) Group Show, JBA + Artsy.net

2019 Group Shows, Muse & Co. Fine Art

2020 Group Shows, Muse & Co. Fine Art

2021 Group Shows, Muse & Co. Fine Art

2021 Spotlight On Art


Real Estate & Art

Let me take my real estate license and my artistic abilities and transform your house into a home! Or perhaps help you find a home OR sell your home THEN make your new house a home!

I have sold multiple paintings with million dollar listings in houses I staged with my paintings. Need help making your house look perfect to sell? Let’s talk. You can rent my artwork for the period of time it takes you to sell your house so that it can be used to stage your house and make it look it’s absolute BEST for showings. Fine art is aesthetically pleasing and increases the value of your home! Get an edge on your competitors also selling by making your house stand out. Invest in how your house looks when you’re selling it. It pays off, I promise.


I absolutely love commissions and they are an incredibly fun to work on. Partnering with someone to bring their vision to fruition is exciting for me, and hopefully for you, too! My goal when commissioned is to create a completely unique piece that speaks to your vision, completes your space and that you will enjoy for years to come!


In this process, communication is key!  Please email me (jessicabushart@gmail.com) the following: your name, preferred contact phone number, address, preferred size and color palette, 3-4 pictures of the space and surrounding area where you plan to hang the art, a few pictures of your favorites works of mine, and any other additional information that you feel may be helpful to me. This process allows me to understand your aesthetic and style for your custom piece of work. Additionally, anything that really speaks to you, I would love as inspiration as well (for example, a playlist, a poem, a photograph, etc). This also might be fabric, other works of art that you like, or works from my Instagram or Portfolio page.


Once I have received your request and the information above, I will email you a proposal outlining the cost and timeline for completion. Please note most timelines for custom artwork range from 4-8 weeks. A 50% deposit is required once confirmed, and the final 50% payment (including shipping costs) will be due after approval and prior to shipping.

Upon approval, I will email you an invoice that you can pay via venmo (@jessicaLBush) or you may mail a check made out to Jessica Bush to: Jessica Bush Art, 4225 Fairway Villas Dr. Johns Creek, GA 30022.


Once the initial 50% payment is received, I will begin work on your painting and upon completion, I will send you photos for your approval.


Any questions about this process are welcome. I am excited that you have contacted me to help bring your vision to life, and I hope you will enjoy my work for many years to come!