Jessica has always had an insatiable need to create and a desire to connect. As a self-taught artist, her process is very intuitive and emotionally driven; with music, movement, and other art forms lending inspiration. By using a wide variety of media, she seeks to express abstract emotions that she doesn’t quite have the words for. As Agnes Martin once said, “We have a tremendous range of abstract feelings, but we don’t pay any attention to them. From music people accept pure emotion, but from art they demand explanation.”  Jessica hopes people can view her work in emotional terms, letting it serve as a key to within and letting the beauty not only be in the painting, but in the viewer’s mind. 

Jessica thrives off collaboration and energy from others, making commissions a strong point and favorite of hers. She works closely with her client’s to not only tailor each piece aesthetically, but also emotionally. Her Masters degree in Clinical Social Work, yoga certification, hippie heart, and lover of people makes working with Jessica different then many other artists. Besides discussing colors, size, texture, and other details that ensure the piece fits perfectly within the space, she also engages her client’s on a deeper and more personal level. Client’s have sent playlists and letters as well as shared meaningful conversations, giving Jess the emotional tone and intention they have for their bespoke commission. The process is INTENTIONAL and MEANINGFUL and a joy for everyone involved. 


.Jessica’s career is ascending quickly, garnering attention from galleries, firms, collectors and decorators globally. She is currently hard at work in her studio preparing for her new series, “BRAIN CHEMICALS.” Utilizing her personal mental health experiences, graduate studies and early professional work in the Clinical Social Work field, the new body of work will focus on individual’s mental health and the way brain chemicals effect ones thoughts, emotions and decisions, in turn impacting society as a whole.


Owner / Designer / Creative Director

When Jess isn’t painting you can find her playing and dancing with her 8 year old son, Tegan. Actually, Tegan has loved to paint with his mom since he was a baby so you can often find the two of them painting together. Tegan has a real eye and gift for art that really shows in his work. 

Jess is also an avid tennis player and yogi. She could eat pizza for just about every meal and pretty much always has a coffee in her hand. 

Recently Jess has fallen in love with taking her art into the world of fashion and playing around with painting clothing, designing clothing, painting shoes, etc etc. What used to just be “paint clothes” now are often intentionally painted clothes. Between the two things there’s a lot of Jess’ wardrobe that has paint on it 🙂 Good thing thrift shopping and hunting for great bargains is a love of hers too! 

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