Real Estate & Art

Let me take my real estate license and my artistic abilities and transform your house into a home! Or perhaps help you find a home OR sell your home THEN make your new house a home!

If you have any real estate needs, please reach out. I’d love to help you with buying or selling your home, or in any other way that I can. Check out my website below and fill out the form to reach me.

I have sold multiple paintings with million dollar listings in houses I staged with my paintings. Need help making your house look perfect to sell? Let’s talk. You can rent my artwork for the period of time it takes you to sell your house so that it can be used to stage your house and make it look it’s absolute BEST for showings. Fine art is aesthetically pleasing and increases the value of your home! Get an edge on your competitors also selling by making your house stand out. Invest in how your house looks when you’re selling it. It pays off, I promise.

My art that was staged in the home of a prominent couple that was for sale in Atlanta. The house sold and all 10 pieces of my art did as well! So wonderful to see art make a house a home!